Andrés Pinto

Graphic and web designer

Intuitive design

I believe in the importance of usability in a website. That's why I focus on designing and developing web projects with intuitive navigation, clear goals, and user-friendly interaction to ensure a seamless user experience.

Graphic and web designer

Attractive and functional

As a graphic and web designer, I understand the significance of a visually attractive and functional design. I work on creating websites with impeccable content distribution, brand-aligned colors and fonts, and an intuitive user experience.

Graphic and web designer

Adaptable and optimized

I specialize in developing websites that adapt to any device and ensure search engine optimization, from semantics to metadata. I aim to make websites the convergence point for all marketing strategies.

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Web Designer and FullStack Developer

Transforming Your Online Presence

Hi, my name is Andrés Pinto, I'm a graphic and web designer, SEO specialist, and full-stack developer from Colombia. My expertise lies in front-end development and user experience, but I also have knowledge in digital marketing. I'm passionate about Star Wars and video games, and I'm always curious about new technologies and learning opportunities.

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  • Marketing
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Lecoq Sportif

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Ejercicio inteligente

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Llantas & tires

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Movimiento Clic

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Ocula Optica

Lobo Express

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Asociación de Educación Sanitaria

Asociación de Educación Sanitaria

Gallito de Roca

Gallito de Roca

kV Marketing

kV Marketing


My Experience


Freelancer Developer

 WordPress Adobe React NextJs

Consultant in web design, development, and SEO for various companies.

Mr. Design
2016Sep to Act2023

Consultant Developer

 WordPress Prestashop NextJs Strapi SEO Adobe Suite

Consultant in development, design, Digital Marketing, and SEO for the web and E-commerce projects of the agency.

kV Marketing
2017Mar to Sep2018

Manager Developer

 WordPress Prestashop Javascript Php

Responsible for the design, development, SEO, and E-commerce projects for the agency's clients.

Yadko Agency
2016Oct to Sep2021

Instructor Teacher

 WordPress Search Console Google Analytics

Instructor in web design, web development, and SEO in the Digital Marketing Diploma.

Universidad de Medellín - UDEM
2016Jan to Oct2016

Instructor Teacher

 WordPress Mailchimp Google Ads FB Business Manager

Instructor in Digital Marketing, WordPress, SEO, and Email marketing courses.

MDA Latam
2015Oct to Aug2016

Web Developer

 WordPress Prestashop InstaPage WHM

Web designer and developer responsible for overseeing the web projects of the agency's clients.

Marketing Digital Agency - MDA
2013Feb to Dec2013

Strategist Marketing

 Joomla Google AdWords Analytics Facebook Ads

Web designer and developer, responsible for managing the digital marketing campaigns for the real estate fair.

Parque Inmobiliario
2011Feb to Dec2014

Web Designer

 Adobe Joomla Prestashop Google AdWords

Graphic designer and web support for the agency's clients.

David Rodriguez Creative